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Social Media is driving much of the way people now communicate on the internet. Ten years ago people set up email groups and kept in touch that way but it became a nuisance especially since you often had people changing their emails or not wishing to remain on someone’s list.

Now with Google plus and Facebook, people can communicate with their friend’s list by simply posting a comment as with Facebook or adding someone to their Google plus circle. Modern Seducer would be remiss if we did not include those pages as a way for everyone who follows our blog to communicate, share ideas and add others to their social circles and friends list!

Click here for our Google Plus page and join our growing circle of friends. Google has already said that using their Google plus feature will be a growing phenomenon in 2012 and beyond.

In addition feel free to like us on Facebook by clicking here or simply going to the home page.

Modern Seducer appreciates your feedback and contribution to the goal of all men becoming confident, mature and seductive men!!!


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