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I want to be Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito and Confidence That might be a strange title for a post but bear with us for a moment or two and hear this out.  You see throughout this blog you will find many articles about how to be more confident, masculine and even seductive. And while we have offered many great examples, sometimes … Continue reading

What is Value Series – Part Two

What is Value Part Two – How High is Your ‘Stock’? In the first post (Please make sure you read that article first) I discussed the concept of ‘value’ and touched on how we use this in our every day lives to prioritize our activities and spend our free time. Example: a friend calls you … Continue reading

The Value Series Part One – What is Value?

What is Value?   This is an interesting question. Definitely too in depth a topic for a single blog post so I will break it down into four to five posts.  First though is to really understand what that means and why this is so critical to becoming a mature, masculine guy. In fact, if … Continue reading

Being An Alpha Male – What does that mean?

The Alpha Male – What is it? Hello and welcome back to another post on Modern Seducer! Today we’re going to touch on a subject that has sparked a lot of heated debate. What is an Alpha Male? What exactly embodies the characteristics of an alpha male?   In a previous article on masculine traits, … Continue reading

Masculinity Quiz Inside! (Part One)

Take the Masculinity Quiz Here People who follow this blog sometimes send me an email asking the following: “I don’t really know if I feel that I truly possess masculine traits and characteristics but how can I truly measure that?” In response to that request and similar ones, we at Modern Seducer (Click Here for … Continue reading

Not Leading a Mediocre Life – Truly Seductive!

This is a special blog. I am not going to post many images or give any step by step advice on how to be more confident, seductive or masculine. Being Seductive by Leading a Fulfilled Life Please watch this video from the seduction community’s found Ross Jeffries. If you’re read some of the other articles … Continue reading

How to be More Confident Part 4

In today’s article we are going to keep this short and to the point.  Up until now we have explored many areas on how to be more confident. We looked at how to dress, how to walk, the value of doing challenging things and many other aspects as it relates to being more confident.   Please … Continue reading

How to be More Seductive Part One

Welcome to a new series of articles on how to be more seductive. Here we are going to walk through step by step how a man who wants to be his absolute best in all facets of life, including his dating life, can accomplish this. First, please check out the article on what is a … Continue reading

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