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Hi and welcome to Modern Seducer. I am excited you found this blog that soon will be filled with a variety of content covering various aspects of dating, seduction and all things masculine. Our goal is to offer insight into what methods work the most successfully when it comes to being a seducer living in the modern era and to get the most out of life. I welcome all comments and insights you might have on health, wealth and happiness.

Topics will include seduction techniques, health issues, fashion, art, culture, the media and the general topic of life skills. Our intent is not to be overly “new age” (although sometimes energy healing and meditation can be somewhat beneficial) or spend a lot of time getting in touch with our inner child, rather have some frank discussions about connecting with the powerful, mature seductive men that lies within each of us.

I will also be reviewing products that are designed to provide men assistance with all of these topics and from time to time offering some of the inside tips I have learned over the years. I encourage you to read and comment with an open mind. Our goal is not to necessarily always do what feels good but what will actually work to become more attractive seductive men that get what we want. I hope you share that same vision and can positively contribute towards that overall goal.

I hope you enjoy and learn something from the information contained within these articles and that your life is enhanced in some way by it. Please feel free to contribute your experiences to the topic at hand. Thanks for stopping by and remember it’s your love life so make the best of it. Nobody else can make it happen except for you.  Please also do not forget to Google Plus us!


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