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I want to be Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito and Confidence

That might be a strange title for a post but bear with us for a moment or two and hear this out.  You see throughout this blog you will find many articles about how to be more confident, masculine and even seductive. And while we have offered many great examples, sometimes you just need a non traditional example to really bring it all home

The Traits that make Danny Great

You don’t need to be an expert to realize that Danny is probably one of the least attractive men from a physical standpoint.

Yet even if he were not an internationally recognized super star, he would still have a presence, an aura about him that is undeniable.

In other words, he could walk into village where they have not even seen a TV and his ability to be comfortable in his own skin would be noticed by all.  He would have a commanding presence that would make everyone ask “Who is that guy, he’s so confident”

One of the key traits of a confident, masculine and mature man is to be comfortable in any situation.

It does not matter if you’re at a dinner to honor a bike gang leader, a high society exclusive event or your neighbor’s 3-year-old daughters birthday.

He can even walk side by side with Arnold Schwarzenegger and still look like the coolest guy in the room!

In fact, a truly evolved man can feel at ease and be charismatic and charming with anyone, at any time even in less than ideal circumstances.

So How Does One Do That?

Being like Danny means understanding that people’s reaction to your outward physical appearance is not ultimately what will determine your experience of the world.  Yes looks do matter and we will discuss that sometimes harsh reality in a future post.

Yet at a deep subconscious level he truly believes he has something to contribute to the world and vice verse. Thus the fact he is short, bald and mediocre looking has little do with his happiness.

Remember that your experience in the world is partly dependent on how you perceive your own self-worth and what you truly believe about how others should treat you.

If you believe you have little worth, and have low expectations of how others should treat you, then you will tend to focus on whether you’re as rich, smart, good-looking or educated as everyone else.

Sure you could feel comfortable at a comic book convention but what happens when you’re at a classy fundraiser? Do you tense up and say “Yeah, this is just not my kind of scene”

How to truly be like Danny DeVito

It takes a lot of inner work and there are so many ways to achieve it, one almost feels overwhelmed.  The first step is to ask yourself, “What would it take to feel like that?”.

If it is something not in your control, let go of that and keep moving until you find something you can do.

We have put together many article designed to build confidence. Please do check out the first, second, third and fourth one full of tips and ideas.

In addition, getting enrolled in the dating and life skill programs we recommend is invaluable in building a mature and masculine self persona.

Ideas to get Started

In the meantime, try some basic steps and see how they work. Go to a mall and for 10 minutes say hello to everyone you walk by.  Then do it the next day for 20 minutes and so on.

Pretty soon you will realize people are friendly even if you’re not their ideal type physically.  You will also notice that you’re gradually becoming less self-conscious.

Second, try to actually approach someone and start a harmless conversation. Ask them if they know where a certain store, street or cafe is.

Notice something about their jewelry or clothing and then thank them before moving on.

Try this with just 3 people and then gradually increase it each day until you have asked 50, that’s right, 50 people a simple question.

You will be amazed how friendly women are at giving directions and you might even end up having a real conversation!

Until Next Time, Modern Seducer (Click Here for Free E-Book) appreciates your feedback!



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