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The Value Series Part One – What is Value?

What is Value?


This is an interesting question. Definitely too in depth a topic for a single blog post so I will break it down into four to five posts.  First though is to really understand what that means and why this is so critical to becoming a mature, masculine guy.

In fact, if you can truly comprehend this, every thing you do to improve your life, every interaction and every decision you will make will be positively impacted.

Value What is ValueSure most people understand that term in the conventional manner such as the value of a home, the value of a car or the value of an antique that has been traded for years.

We also understand that value can be less literal or financial and more sentimental.

A common example is a ring or bracelet a woman has which belonged to her grandmother.

It might be only worth $50 on e-bay but to the woman who looks at it daily and uses it as a source of inspiration the value of that jewelry is immense.

value pendant

Yet can ‘value’ also mean something in terms of our own value to other people? What about the ‘value’ of certain social and/or work related endeavors?

We humans are making value judgments several times or more daily, we are just often not aware of it.  Like having to prioritize what we will do in our our day by what will bring us the most ‘value’.

An Example of Value Based Decision Making

A great common example is if your buddies are headed to the bar and yet your presentation for the 9am meeting tomorrow is not done yet, we might argue that the ‘value’ of having some drinks pales in comparison to getting that project done.

This is particularly true if you know someone form upper management is going to be present or if a future promotion or pay raise is tied to the success of the presentation.

value work presentation

We can also use this value concept to important life impacting decisions like where you will live, where you will work, what kind of life style you will lead and even to some extent, what hobbies & interests you will have.

For example a friend I know always swears he will never live in the city.  For me it is the other way around since I grew up in the city and love it here.

Yet who knows what he would do if the right job or business opportunity came along. Then the value of that would over ride the value he places on being a suburban dweller.

The Key to Understanding Value

So then is it also possible that we actually place value on the people in our lives? Meaning that those with less value get treated one way and those with more value get treated another?

Value Offering Value Socially

Do we see how that works consciously or is it usually well beneath our awareness? Do we know how other people really see us?

Do we understand the value we have in the lives of others including our loved ones? Should that really matter in how they treat us and we treat them?

Until the next update, feel free to write your comments to these questions below and do not forget to check out our customized dating program guide.

In addition, one of the programs we often recommend goes heavily into this very topic!  Feel Free to Preview it here – we are sure you will find this very insightful!

NOTE: This will seem a bit out of context, for the full Revelations Video Series, Please click here

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