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Being An Alpha Male – What does that mean?

The Alpha Male – What is it?

Hello and welcome back to another post on Modern Seducer!

Today we’re going to touch on a subject that has sparked a lot of heated debate. What is an Alpha Male? What exactly embodies the characteristics of an alpha male?


What is an alpha male

In a previous article on masculine traits, we talked about some of the key aspects to becoming a mature, masculine guy.

Essentially the “alpha male” is the same thing with one key modifier; an alpha focuses on complete and total dominance of every social situation including his dating life.

Now let me clarify something; being dominant does not mean having to control others, put them down or necessarily even be the one always in charge.

So what does it mean to be dominant?

Think about this way. If someone is trying to cut you in line and you move out of the way out of fear, clearly you’re being a wimp.

Yet if an old lady needs to get in front of you and you allow that to happen, you’re being thoughtful. So how can the same situation be interpreted so differently?

The answer can be found in how the meaning of any interaction is interpreted or how it is “framed”.


Alpha Male photo

Let’s say you’re with a girl at your place for the first time and you sense she feels uncomfortable with being intimate.

Rather than pushing it you say something like: “Ya know, I think it would be best if we just slowed down a bit and maybe watched some TV. Here you take the remote”

In an ironic way, even though you’re handing her the remote control, you’re still being dominant. Why?

Because you recognized her discomfort, brought it out in the open and even let her control the TV.

Here is the key point:  It was YOUR decision to slow things down, turn on the TV and hand her the remote. So you’re actually being very dominant but in a mature, mutually beneficial manner.

Being Alpha is an art form, take your time…

So often guys want to react to every challenge from another guy with violence or verbal assault to prove they are an ‘alpha male’.

Yet sometimes just setting the right tone and resuming control of a conversation is more than enough to show you’re dominant. You can even use it to display a sense of humor to diffuse a situation.

Example: You’re talking to a group of women and some guy starts taunting you about your jacket. Maybe he says “Wow man, still sporting your high school jacket huh?”

Rather than being hostile you might just literally look at the girls and say “Ya know, I’ve been meaning to hire a new wing man but finding a good one is SO hard to do, you guys know anyone?” 🙂

And then you immediately resume what you were saying before. In most cases he will just go away.

How important are looks, money and your social status in life?

how to be an alpha male

Yes they do matter! More on that in a future post.

Yet women of exceptional quality know when a guy is relying too heavily on money and looks to compensate for a lack of true alpha characteristics.

If you only want to date “Debby dumbass”, you can get away with it by simply driving a cool car, if you want something more you need to embody all the important traits of a true alpha male.

The Characteristics of the Real Alpha Male

Here are but just a few. Remember to check out our dating guide which will offer a customize program to help you develop all aspects of mature masculinity.


Traits of the Alpha Male


Is a mentor to others. One of the best ways to be truly alpha is to assist other men with what you have learned.

Never takes a superior attitude. He can offer to teach others and be a leader without being arrogant.

Is cool and calm in the face of any challenge. Has a “never let them see you sweat” mentality

Looks to others for advice while always offering value in return.  He never just takes without giving back.

Is a protector of friends, family and loved ones.  Demonstrates he will put his own safety on the line to protect others from harm

Is not freaked out by different cultures, ideas, tastes and interests. Is comfortable in almost any social situation.

He never seeks approval from a woman: If he tells an interesting story or joke, he never tries to get a compliment or even pauses to wait for her reaction; his mindset must be:  “I am going to share this because I think it has value”.  He does NOT let his self perception get tied up in her reaction.

Does not seek validation from others -He is the life of the party no matter what -This is so important, please see our articles on confidence to get more insight.

Is charming, interesting and seductive. This means even the crazy, fat lady down the street who owns nine cats enjoys a quick chat with you. You get along with and find everyone interesting.

Has style and sophistication – is not afraid to be fashionable – See the Mystery Method Program for more details.

Has a ‘yin yang’ attitude. He never gets over reactive to anyone or anything. At the same time he also seeks to brighten everyone’s day.  Again see The Revelations Program for more details.

Is very healthy and fit:  Please see our health and fitness review article on this very important topic!

**Seeks Constant Improvement** 

In other words, NO matter how successful he is in life, he is always seeking a higher level with his health, wealth and relationships.

We hope you find this article useful and appreciate your comments.

Until Next time, remember to always be seductive, mature and masculine in every aspect of your life!

Modern Seducer


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