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Masculinity Quiz Inside! (Part One)

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Masculinity Quiz, Masculinity

People who follow this blog sometimes send me an email asking the following: “I don’t really know if I feel that I truly possess masculine traits and characteristics but how can I truly measure that?”

In response to that request and similar ones, we at Modern Seducer (Click Here for Free E-book) would like to offer the Masculinity Quiz.

It’s a series of 5 questions, with both true/false as well as multiple choice responses. In a follow-up, we may have additional questions for you.

Why Bother with a Quiz?

If you read our article on masculine characteristics and traits then you know what some of the critical traits are that every man must possess in order to be a truly confident, masculine seducer.

Not a seducer in the negative sense, rather in the modern sense: someone who is very engaging, confident, a leader, successful in all areas of his life and a mentor to other men.

Sometimes the subject entails so many aspects it helps to have a starting point from which to gauge how well you’re doing with being a truly masculine and mature guy.

And now on to the Quiz!

Masculinity Quiz

Please answer with the first response to come to mind and then email us at Modern Seducer ( and send us your results.

We will then email you back within 24 hours to give you your unique assessment!

1.  When confronted or being harassed by a bully whether on a street corner, at the mall, on the train or in a bar you typically:

a.  Back off and attempt to placate him because there’s always a better way to deal with a person like that.

b. Make it clear you have not only the capability but the willingness to act no matter what the circumstances including getting physical if necessary.

c.  assess the situation and only act if it appears the odds are overwhelming in your favor or there are others there to assist you if the situation gets out of hand.  Otherwise, you back down.

d.  Strike immediately. The best way to defend yourself from a bully is to strike when they least expect it.


2.   You’re out with a group of people at a party and a girl makes a snide comment about your grey shirt because only wimpy guys wear grey. Your immediate reaction is to say something like

a. “you’re so cute when you’re trying to bust on me. It reminds me of my little niece”

b.  “Wow, I can tell this is going to be a fun night” (with a snarly tone in your voice)

c. “Listen, you would not know a good shirt if it hit you in the face” (using a serious tone)

d. “What?, this is my favorite shirt, most people like it and I usually get compliments”


3. A girl you’ve been dating for several months who you have come to really like calls you and without any warning says it is over. 

Your reaction would be to:

a. Ask for a thorough explanation and keep pushing her for details until you get it.

b.  Ask her why she is breaking up with you and ask if you could see her in person to discuss it further because you’d really like to keep seeing her.

c.  Wish her the best and keep the conversation short and your tone very neutral.

d.  Tell her you understand but that you’d really want to be friends and appreciate her agreeing to that.


4.  A co-worker comes to you in a frenzy complaining about an issue related to your work assignment/duty and verbally harasses  you in front of other people. Your reaction is to:

a.  Tell him/her your’ very sorry about that and ask very politely if you can speak to them in private about the matter

b.  Be silent, wait for them to finish and then resume whatever you’re doing without saying anything.

c.  Stop them and say in a very firm tone that you will speak to them in private and then motion for them to follow you to another room.  In that room you make it clear that they will never speak to you that way again.

d.  Walk quickly out of the room and go to your boss and tell him or her about what just happened and that you need some assistance in dealing with the matter.


5.  You just got a BIG promotion at work you’ve been waiting to get for a year. Your immediate reaction is to

a.  Tell everyone via email, Facebook and phone call so they can enjoy your good news

b.  Call only people very close to you to share the great news.

c.  If it comes up during conversation, casually mention it when for example someone asks you about how work/job has been going for you as of late.

d. Call your parents first so they can be proud of you!

THANKS for taking the Masculinity Quiz! Please email us with the responses you chose so we can tell you how you did!


1. a

2. c

3. a

4. b

5. c

And again please do not forget to like us on Facebook, google plus and twitter if you enjoyed your Masculinity Quiz!



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