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How to be More Confident Part 4

In today’s article we are going to keep this short and to the point.  Up until now we have explored many areas on how to be more confident.

We looked at how to dress, how to walk, the value of doing challenging things and many other aspects as it relates to being more confident.   Please read those articles first if you have not done so already.

Now we’re going to explore a practice that almost all self-help and life skill gurus encourage if you really want to achieve  your goals in all areas of life.

The idea seems a bit “new age” on the surface but even world-famous sales training experts like Brian Tracy encourage you to do it.

Saying Affirmations to be More Confident

Saying affirmations are important because everything you think about, say or do has a direct impact on your subconscious.

In fact think of your subconscious almost like dog training.  If you train your dog well and enforce the training consistently, you will have a happy and obedient dog you will enjoy owning.

If you do not train it or do not follow through consistently, your dog will be difficult and you’ll find yourself complaining about your pet more than enjoying its company. .

Thus if you only put negative thoughts into your head about how difficult something is or if you focus on past failures your training your mind to repeat those behaviors.

Since it is in your subconscious, your rarely even aware it’s happening.

You simply go into any situation (could be a date, a sales call, an important work meeting etc…) with a negative expectation, a bad “vibe” and this will impact it’s outcome.

How to use Affirmations to your Benefit

Saying affirmations daily at any point you can is to your benefit.  Do them in the morning, on your way to work and when you get home at night.

Say them at the gym in between exercises, when you’re waiting in line for lunch (silently of course 🙂 ) and right before you go to bed.

It will take time but over the weeks, months and years that follow you will notice that your interactions with people will be better.  Your confidence will grow and you will achieve more of what you desire.

Specifics and Conclusion

When you approach women, go out on a date or call her for the first time your mental state is just as important as what you actually do or say.

Here are some positive affirmations you can use:

“I like myself” (Think of something you actually find positive about yourself and your accomplishments when you use this one)

“I am the best (insert your job role here) . Example: Before going into a sales presentation tell yourself repeatedly that you are an outstanding sales person who gives awesome presentations.

“I am healthy/happy/well liked”

“I achieve my goals in any endeavor”

“People enjoy being around me” & “Women find me extremely attractive”

Now feel free to add your own.  Remember that this is part of an overall plan to become more confident so you will want to read the first three articles on this subject.

Article One, Article Two  and Article Three

Until next time, Modern Seducer appreciates your comments and feedback!




2 thoughts on “How to be More Confident Part 4

  1. dude this last part/article put a huge smile on my face n im started to see what you mean by being a “mentor” dude keep posting, im waiting for “The Game” book to come in the mail n start on the method i’ll let u know how it goes

    Posted by adrian | June 19, 2012, 12:53 am
    • Glad to hear it! And please feel free to ask any questions. Once you have finished with “The Game”, please take some time to review our dating program guide you’re going to receive in the next couple of days and consider following our formula for dating success. As you will see, Neil Strauss learned from all kinds of mentors and used many different methods.

      Posted by modernseducer | June 20, 2012, 2:03 pm

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