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How to be More Seductive Part One

Welcome to a new series of articles on how to be more seductive.

Here we are going to walk through step by step how a man who wants to be his absolute best in all facets of life, including his dating life, can accomplish this.

First, please check out the article on what is a modern seducer for the video featuring Mickey Rourke.

How to be more seductive

Now before we get to some specific steps, keep this in mind. The typical fun, outgoing ‘party’ guy can be very alluring and that kind of guy does often have his way with the ladies.

Yet as Mickey Rourke just demonstrated in that video, true seduction is not only about being outgoing, humorous or the life of the party, rather it’s about subtle movements, gestures, voice tone and your overall ‘vibe’.

It’s about story telling (both real and fantasy role playing), taking care of details (like how he picked out the dress for her and had his assistant check out her favorite dinner dish) as well as assertively yet smoothly controlling the conversation.

Learn How to be More Seductive:

So the first step is to really know the woman you’re going to be going out with.  Forget about meeting her at some random bar to “party” and hope that the night works out.

You want to be the kind of guy who can take out a woman on a dinner date yet not come across as someone who is trying to buy her affection.

Be sure to approach her with something like “Ya know there’s this quaint place I like to hang out at sometimes, maybe you can tag along”.

Yes she’ll realize you’re asking her out on a traditional date yet if you say it with confidence and a sort of detached attitude, it won’t come across as needy or even as if you were pursuing her.

Pick a smaller quiet ethnic restaurant that is not expensive but has really tasty food. Typically these are found in ethnic neighborhoods out of the main center of a town or city.

Seductive Dinner Conversation Topics

How to be more seductiveNotice that in showing how to be more seductive Mickey’s character does not really have any logical “left brained” kind of conversation.

Asking a woman what she does for a living, what are her favorite foods, where she grew up or if she likes action movies is often the catalyst for a boring evening.

Notice how Mickey almost immediately takes control of the conversation even before his dinner date sits down?

He does not ask her about how her flight was or if she had a good first day on the job.

Rather he talks about a future hypothetical conversation she will have with her grandchildren detailing her adventures with Mickey (James Wheeler in the movie).

This kind of conversation is more seductive because now she’s projecting herself into the future which requires her to access to use her imagination and access the more creative part of her mind.

As most women will tell you, anytime someone can inspire them to use their sense of imagination, that person will be much more attractive to them than most other men.

And yes the odds of the date or future ones ending intimately increase dramatically 🙂

Be sure to also tell fun, playful stories and banter a bit

Yes it is also imperative if you want to be more seductive to also tell fun stories, display a sense of humor and be willing to even banter or tease her a bit.

Again the key here is not to get on boring topics which include the news, religion, politics, the weather and how many movies has she seen that year.

Now If you’re unsure how to bring up fun, interesting and seductive topics, please check out the speed seduction website for a lot of free tips and information.

Learning how to be more seductive will take time and patience yet the rewards are immense.

Until next time, we hope you take your love life seriously and make the best of every moment so that you can truly become a successful and fulfilled Modern Seducer

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