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What Happened to “Manly Men”?

Manly Men: What Happened?

In other articles we have discussed the characteristics and traits that a mature masculine men would want to embody to reach his highest level of potential in all aspects of life.

Today I ran across an article which seems to verify much of what the so-called ‘seduction community’ has been talking about for years, namely that boys are not maturing as quickly as they used to.

David DeAngelo discusses that here in his program “On Being  a Man who Naturally Attracts Women”.  He has an e-book you can read first and then actually purchase the program in its entirety.

Reasons Boys are not Becoming ‘Manly Men’

There are many theories on this subject. As the author in the article states, boys are taking much longer to pass from adolescence to full maturity.

1.  Rise of Femininity as Socially Acceptable Behavior for Men:

My own theory is that it has a lot to with a general trend that started in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  As feminism took root, it became more socially acceptable to encourage feminine traits in everyone, especially young boys.

Whenever young men would try to naturally connect with their masculine instincts, they’re told to act more feminine, put on mood altering drugs or simply disregarded altogether.

In fact some studies show that boys are falling dangerously behind girls in all aspects of social and academic progress.

Most young men are now whiny, unable to set and follow a clear path of achievement in life and certainly ill prepared for the realities of being a strong father and husband.

There seems to be a male averse attitude in this society which makes being masculine politically incorrect.

Some educators are now considering ‘male studies’ programs to address this issue.

2.  The Need for Everyone to be Equal Blurs the Biological Realities of Masculinity

As we discussed in other articles, natural male instincts are different from female ones.

That is not say that men should never be in touch with their feminine instincts rather that their natural masculine tendencies must be explored, developed and celebrated.

Risk taking, competitiveness, decisiveness, independence, vying for leadership roles and even battling (metaphorically) for the ‘alpha male’ of the group role are normal, healthy processes.

The challenge today is that from a young age boys are taught to stifle these instincts. The clearest example is that now young boys are not allowed to even compete anymore.

No matter the sport or type of competition, all teams and participants are rewarded and told that ‘everybody wins’.  This is clearly a feminine ideal mindset that has now become the social norm.

3.  Sexual Power and Skill is no longer Encouraged

For a man to be a truly seductive and powerful man he must be able to display in his body language, voice tone and movements that he is a leader and source of mentoring to other men as well as sexually competent.

Most women can tell when they meet a man who knows he has these attributes and it sort of colors every aspect of his being.

Since boys are now encouraged to be more feminine in many ways they never learn how to be powerful sexually except in very crude ways.

Conclusion: How can Boys Grow up to Become Manly Men?

In a future article we will discuss the Agoge as portrayed in the movie ‘300’.  The basic idea is that to reverse this trend even having a ‘male studies’ curriculum may not suffice.

For boys to pass to maturity as they used to in years past, they will need to consider going through a rite of passage at a young age.

This is common in most indigenous cultures even when separated by thousands of miles.

For the moment, please take a look at this clip and see if you can learn what some of the benefits of this kind of ritual would be in our modern society.

IN particular pay attention to when the chief says “The Boy Must Die”  (Around 6:10 of this clip)

Until next time, Modern Seducer appreciates your comments and feedback!


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