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How to be More Masculine in Today’s Society

Hi and thanks for stopping by and checking out our next article on how to be more masculine. First you might want to click here for a background article on this topic as it relates to masculinity.

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So if you reviewed the articles on confidence then you know a little bit about how important these traits are but you may not understand precisely what it will take to be more masculine.

In addition to the steps on how to become more confident, you will want to proactively pursue manifesting the traits and characteristics of a mature, masculine man.  These include being decisive, taking action and getting what you want out of life.


Sit down and ask yourself if you have consistently made decisions, particularly the difficult ones and without regret or did you procrastinate and let the decision be made for you?

Have you taken decisive action in the face of challenge or did you find a way to avoid the issue by getting someone else to handle it? Are you someone who others look up to as a leader, a mentor and a pillar of strength?


How to be more masculine - no excuses

Now think of at least three situations where making a tough decision, confronting a challenge or being able to provide leadership to someone else may arise. Then take some time to put together a step by step action plan with concise goals and deadlines.

A talk you need to have with your wife about finances, confronting a a co-worker who is mistreating you or becoming a mentor to a young person are all examples of ways you can exercise that “masculinity muscle”.

The key to this is to make decisions and handle problems with a very clear idea of how the outcome should look and to approach it decisively. One of the best ways to learn how to be more masculine is to practice addressing simple things with a calm but stern tone. This is not the time to whine, complain or be emotional.


Most importantly be sure to have a ‘no excuses’ mentality and if needed write out a check for $500 to an organization you absolutely despise. Put it an envelope and give it to a trusted friend with instructions that he should mail it out if you do not follow through on your ‘man plan’.

A very important characteristic of a mature, masculine guy is following through on your plan without any excuses and ensuring there is a consequence if you do not.


Stepping up in everyday situations to show leadership and determination to face challenges does not mean offering to do everything for everyone. Rather it means knowing what your values are, pursuing them relentlessly and assisting others without becoming a caretaker.

Empower others to step in their own lives by offering advice but then not being afraid to hold them accountable to following through.

Learning how to be more masculine requires calling out others when they violate your boundaries and not being afraid to say “No”.  An obvious example is a co-worker saying they will offer to get you on the guest list of an important party but only if you agree to lie to your boss about something they did.

Risking your job is not a fair exchange just to go to a party and a truly masculine guy walks away from that offer even when saying ‘yes’ might be easier.

Assess consistently where you’re being taken advantage of, not making firm decisions or not taking action to resolve an issue whether it’s health, wealth or related to dating and relationships.


Knowing how to be more masculine also means knowing what it is that you truly want and consistently taking steps to achieve it without apology.

Take a few minutes to sit down and write out what you want in life. A better job, more money, a vacation home in St. Thomas, a hot blonde from Sweden – whatever it is do not be afraid to relentlessly go after your desires.

As we discuss in the confidence series of articles, proactively taking action to pursue your path in life will also boost your confidence, a critical aspect of learning how to be more masculine.

Also please take a moment to check out this video from the start of 300, a great movie to watch about masculinity.

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Thanks for reading and until next time happy and safe seducing!!

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