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How to be More Seductive Part One

Welcome to a new series of articles on how to be more seductive. Here we are going to walk through step by step how a man who wants to be his absolute best in all facets of life, including his dating life, can accomplish this. First, please check out the article on what is a … Continue reading

What Happened to “Manly Men”?

Manly Men: What Happened? In other articles we have discussed the characteristics and traits that a mature masculine men would want to embody to reach his highest level of potential in all aspects of life. Today I ran across an article which seems to verify much of what the so-called ‘seduction community’ has been talking … Continue reading

How to be More Confident Article Series #3

Hi and welcome back to our series of articles on how to be more confident.  First, please review the first article on how to be more confident as well as the second one in this series before you get started here. How to be More Confident Step One The first step beyond what we’ve discussed … Continue reading

How to be More Masculine in Today’s Society

Hi and thanks for stopping by and checking out our next article on how to be more masculine. First you might want to click here for a background article on this topic as it relates to masculinity. Remember one of the best ways to learn how to be more masculine is to sign up for … Continue reading

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