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Masculine Characteristics and Traits

It used to be very simple and easy to identity positive masculine characteristics and understand what it meant to be a ‘man’. A man could naturally express his masculinity in all aspects of life.

Masculine Characteristics

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More importantly men had well defined and very exclusive social and economic roles to fulfill. The definition of masculinity itself was rarely questioned.

When women were seeking a husband, they had a good idea of what masculine characteristics they were looking for in him.

Yet the climate today has completely changed all of this. It’s now much harder to know what masculine characteristics are still considered to be desirable.

In fact, if you read enough articles on this subject, you will see there is now a lot of debate as to what masculine traits are considered to be valuable.

In many cases, a man’s earning potential is no longer a real factor since most women can support themselves. It’s now not uncommon for a woman to be unmarried well into her late 30’s and 40’s.

Men are confused as to whether they should be the stereotypical “nice guy”; or a powerful masculine “take charge” kind of figure, or something in between.

Even simple questions like “Should I pay for dinner?” are now subject to debate leading to a lot of confusion and misinterpretation.

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It was not long ago that these kinds of questions had easy answers. People knew what masculine characteristics and traits every man needed to have.

But today all of that has changed and many men are now confused and frustrated.

When a person does not know what is expected of them or it conflicts with their natural instincts, it leads to all kinds of difficulties. Hopefully we can better define in this article the what are the most important masculine traits every man should possess.

The new “modern man” versus the traditional masculine man.

The new more modern vision of the ideal masculine guy is that he is supposed to be nurturing and sensitive, attributes we would traditionally associate with femininity. Many people believe that showing his feminine nature is actually now a desirable male characteristic.

Yet men due to their biological programming are more naturally suited to competitiveness, risk taking, and being decisive. To try to redefine one’s masculine traits is to deny the very existence of the forces of nature itself.

When we negate the essence of our biological nature, it can create all sorts of challenges for today’s man that previously did not exist.

Remember, a man’s essential characteristics do not change from a biological standpoint just because society’s norms have shifted.

Do women prefer more masculine men?

Sometimes we hear women talk about the attributes of a ‘nice guy’ but when we observe their behavior they really are way more attracted to a man who exhibits traditional masculine traits:
These include but are not limited to confidence, assertiveness, decisiveness, strength and leadership.

Masculine Traits, Masculine Characteristics

Just to be clear, being a guy who exudes masculine characteristics, doesn’t mean he is a bully, but rather he consistently displays these masculine traits in relationships, at work, and with family.

It does however imply that one will have clear boundaries and speak out when they are crossed.

‘Manning up’ as the phrase implies means taking responsibility for one’s actions and being a leader and mentor to others.

These are very desirable masculine characteristics whose definition does not change with time. It’s tough sometimes to think that we as men have allowed our natural masculine instincts to be manipulated to our own demise.

Yet understanding how to develop these powerful masculine traits is crucial to any man’s long term happiness.

It also means doing things we do not feel like doing to fulfill a higher purpose. In fact, knowing one’s purpose and remaining committed to is one of the most important masculine traits.

It means you understand how to treat women with respect and can even be chivalrous without being manipulated by them.

It also means you assess any situation with clarity; you take calculated risks, act in the face of fear and do not ever apologize for making difficult decisions.

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Seeing the bigger picture; a critical masculine characteristic:

A truly masculine figure makes decisions based on what is in the best long term interests of everyone, even if the decision is not popular.

His goal is to stay on his path always focusing on the “bigger picture”.  He always considers his and others long term needs as opposed to just doing what feels good in the moment.

He never pushes away his emotions yet never allows them to control his decision making process.

If you honestly asses your manhood and do not clearly possess these masculine characteristics and traits, the Modern Seducer encourages you to keep reading the articles we have here.

If  follow the steps toward developing those traits, we can assure you will have more success in your health, wealth and with relationships than you can imagine.

We also have program reviews that will assist you in achieving all of your goals. Again, we highly recommend David DeAngelo’s simple e-book that offers basic insights on how to be a more confident, masculine and successful guy.

We can assure you that by developing more robust masculine characteristics in yourself and inspiring others to follow suit, you will be able to achieve more fulfillment in all aspects of your life.

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