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At times, fitness can seem like a very complicated topic. You need to pick just the right program and do just the right exercises or you will be completely wasting your time. Some of this is based on truth but a lot of it is manufactured by an industry that wants you to believe that you need their product to get fit. Here are a few basic rules that apply to any fitness program and can help you meet your goals.

Calories & Carbs

The simple formula for losing weight is burn more calories through exercise and activity than you consume and you will lose weight. Of course you need to make sure you eat enough calories to get all the necessary nutrients. For most people, it’s a simple matter of cutting out unhealthy food (which is high in calories and low in nutrients) and increasing their activity levels. Nothing complicated there.

Yet that might not always be possible on a daily basis and at Modern Seducer we’re keenly aware that we live in the real world and getting to the gym every day can be a challenge. Yet there is a way to ensure success by following a low carb high protein plan.

I have put together a simple yet complete diet and exercise plan which you can obtain upon request when you sign up for the free dating program e-book and newsletter by CLICKING HERE.


One of the most common mistakes in workout programs is a lack of consistency. Most plans will help you get in better shape if you consistently show up and do the work. As more infomercials convince us that you only need 10 minutes 2 times a week, most people aren’t training consistently and aren’t seeing results. In fact, our diet & exercise program will probably not work without at least three visits to the gym a week.

Goal Setting

Setting goals is the only way to know if your fitness program is working for you. Make sure that you define clear, measurable goals and set mid-term goals that let you know you’re getting closer.

Once you have your goals set, pick a workout plan that fits them. If your goals is to burn fat and lose weight, you shouldn’t be spending all your time doing bicep curls on a body building workout routine. Find the right plan to help you meet your specific goals and stick with it until you get there.

Again our plan is designed to encourage fitness, not necessarily strength or body building. Once you have a lean, trim and healthy body, you have options for adding muscle, becoming stronger, using further conditioning to run a marathon or whatever is appealing to you.

As always, Modern Seducer appreciates your feedback.


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