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Mystery Method Review


Hi and welcome to the Mystery Method review program article. Some of you maybe very familiar with this program that was made famous by Mystery’s show from 2007 called The Pick Up Artist.

Mystery Method Review

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The main Venusian Arts website has a lot of detail and background about their books, seminars and DVDs outlining the Mystery Method style of seduction and Mystery himself is a pivotal figure in Neil Strauss’ book “The Game”. If you have not already read it, we highly recommend you do so as soon as possible.

Thus we will not get into a lot of background rather simply review the programs they offer. Remember to get your own personalized seduction review program to have a better understanding of when to use this method as part of an overall seduction.

The basic premise of the model (often called the M3 model because there are three main phases to the Mystery Method) centers around group theory, namely that most attractive women go out in groups at night-time typically to bars, clubs and lounges.

While they offer many programs on their site, we suggest starting with their e-book called Revelations. Eventually you may wish to then go into their more detailed audio and video Revelations course.

This method is thus primarily focused on night-time group approaches, not meeting women by themselves during the day or when they are alone. For more information on that you might want to check out the Speed Seduction Review.


The first thing this method suggests is that you must approach the entire group and win over all of them, not just the girl you like. This is a very powerful idea, if you have ever socialized with a group of women you may know that they tend to feel awkward if one or more of them is left out.

In fact, they will usually break off an interesting conversation to focus their attention on their other friends. This will usually result in little chance of you getting a chance to ever see her again.

Mystery Method Review

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Thus you must engage ALL of them with an interesting “opener” that is typically a short question or statement.

In this method one does not follow the typical social norms such as introducing yourself or asking them questions like: “Where are you guys from”? OR “Are you ladies having a good time tonight”? etc..

The idea is that attractive women are approached hundreds of times a year and are tired of hearing the same thing.


To get their attention you must say something that is interesting, causes them to think about something or get excited. The key is that they react in some way or you will quickly lose their attention.

They also teach you how to approach groups that have men and women and how to discern who is with whom and to deal with the infamous “cock blockers”. 🙂

So one standard example would be to walk up and say to them: “Hey did you guys see the fight outside”?.

Notice how you do not even need to say hello or introduce yourself first and never ask if you can have their attention.

Also they stress the importance of your voice tonality and body language as well as the angle form which you approach.

Another opening might be : “Hey quick question guys, I can only stay a second but check this out: My buddy is still friends with his ex and keeps old photos of her and letters in a drawer.

His new girlfriend found out and now is insisting he burn all the photos and letters, what do you guys think about that?…”

The next step is to quickly go into the next piece of your story or discussion which in this case could be more details about the fight your buddy’s girlfriend drama before going into some other question, interactive game, trick or story.


As you progress and convey more value, you can gradually lead into longer and more detailed stories or “gambits” as they are called.

Each piece of the interaction is designed to draw the group more into you so that you can eventually isolate the one you’re interested in without her friends interfering.

In fact if they all like you, they may even encourage you to spend some time alone with the woman you’re interested in which only furthers your efforts.

This method also teaches you how to convey other critical attributes such as having social proof, as well as to systemically display the most important traits of an attractive man (referred to as demonstrating high value); all in a manner that seems completely natural.


Another critical facet of this is that initially you must ignore and even tease the target of your interest. Remember, women are so much more socially intuitive than men and will know if you are paying too much attention to the “hot girl” and eventually cut off the interaction.

Thus in Mystery Method you actually want to not only engage the entire group but tease or “neg” the target a bit to show her and her friends that you’re not going like her just because she is pretty.

Remember that a mature, confident man has a lot of choices with women and thus looks for a lot more than just a woman’s outer beauty.

She must offer something else for a man of your caliber to consider her as potential love interest. Make sense? Think about it: Would Brad Pitt just settle for a woman because she’s hot?

No, you’re not Brad Pitt but by you get the idea. This is about the idea of having an abundant mindset or ‘frame’, namely that you never get too attached to any one particular woman no matter what, after all there are plenty of fun and attractive women to meet.

Remember though, this idea of using a “neg” or an indicator of disinterest towards the target is NOT about insulting or putting down someone, just conveying the right mindset.

That is often a misunderstood concept in Mystery Method.

The next part is after winning over the group you must find a way to isolate the woman you’re interested in and get to a point where you can start building comfort with her.

Mystery Method Review

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The books and programs they offer will go into a great detail about this as it is probably the most critical and overlooked aspect of dating and relationships.

Most men either try to rush through building comfort or they start here without having built sufficient attraction with the woman first.

Other aspects include how to get a solid phone number, the importance of moving the target within the same venue and possibly to another bar, party or club usually with her group of friends.

For reasons they will explain in more detail, this will help to create a stronger connection with her in hours or days as opposed to weeks or months.


Finally they discuss the steps to bringing a woman to a seduction location such as your living room or bedroom, furthering the sexual & emotional connection leading up to sex. He also discusses last minute resistance.

In fact, understanding a woman’s natural resistance to moving towards intimacy is a critical piece of the Mystery Method.

Mystery Method Review

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Overall they suggest that from the time you meet a woman until you seducer her can be anywhere from 4 to 10 hours normally taking place over a period of several days to perhaps several weeks.

This includes time on the phone, texting, the actual dates and the last moments leading up to sex and starting a relationship of some kind.

They suggest it takes a least six weeks of going out 4 nights a week approaching about 12 groups of women also known as ‘sets’ in Mystery Method vernacular to become proficient with this method.

Obviously, to become an extremely skilled with this method and develop your own stories, routines and tweaks to the method takes longer.

There is no doubt this approach requires diligence, patience and some analysis but the pay off is well worth it.

For those of you who enjoy meeting women at bars, clubs and lounges learning, the programs here are invaluable to a modern seducer’s toolbox.

In particular we strongly suggest you pay attention to the discussions that Lovedrop (one of the Mystery Method – Venusian Arts teachers) has on conveying value and having the right attitude when it comes to meeting and dating women.

Since this is the most important aspect, we always recommend reviewing the comfort and rapport building sections, routines and ideas many times over.

Many so-called great seducers and pick up artists can meet, attract and once in a while get to sleep with a woman the same night but they do not often stick around in part because of a lack of deep trust, rapport and comfort.

Also as you become more experienced, you will be able to see how the ideas of conveying value, projecting a care free, detached and positive “vibe” will not only assist you with meeting women in bars but everywhere.

In addition, over time you may notice how these tools can be used in all aspects of your life including at work, with your friends and yes even with your family.

After all having a consistently outgoing, fun, detached attitude is not just attractive to women, but to everyone you will ever meet including yourself.

If you ponder that for a moment, you might agree when we say certain aspects of The Venusian Arts  (Sometimes called “The Mystery Method”) go way beyond just being an interesting guy in a night club.

Please feel free to leave your comments and until next time, happy seducing!

Modern Seducer


2 thoughts on “Mystery Method Review

  1. Mystery treats the meeting of women like a science. There’s good stuff here that works no doubt. In fact be careful. Its powerful stuff. You will get attention by the bucketload. I practised some of the techniques at work and got into trouble because of having too many women interested in me. From the age of 23 to 46. It’s insane, and hard to shake off, it becomes part of you.

    Posted by Danny | May 21, 2012, 9:29 pm
    • Exactly Danny. Once these techniques, ideas and new paradigms become part of your natural way of being, it becomes a challenge to know when it’s time to “turn off the charm” because it actually can get yourself into real trouble. The point of Modern Seducer is to teach men how to use these powerful new tools to your advantage without hurting anyone. The key is to constantly be aware and cognizant of what you’re doing and how it is impacting others both positively and not. Thanks for your insight and please continue to visit often!

      Posted by modernseducer | June 5, 2012, 11:13 am

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