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Masculine Characteristics and Traits

It used to be very simple and easy to identity positive masculine characteristics and understand what it meant to be a ‘man’. A man could naturally express his masculinity in all aspects of life. More importantly men had well defined and very exclusive social and economic roles to fulfill. The definition of masculinity itself was … Continue reading

Health and Fitness Review

At times, fitness can seem like a very complicated topic. You need to pick just the right program and do just the right exercises or you will be completely wasting your time. Some of this is based on truth but a lot of it is manufactured by an industry that wants you to believe that … Continue reading

How To Be More Confident Article Series #2: The First Three Steps

Thanks for stopping back and checking out the second article in our series of articles about confidence, an extremely important trait of a powerful and confident man. Be sure to check out out our first article on how to be more confident for background. There is also a section with specific program reviews of which … Continue reading

Mystery Method Review

MYSTERY METHOD REVIEW Hi and welcome to the Mystery Method review program article. Some of you maybe very familiar with this program that was made famous by Mystery’s show from 2007 called The Pick Up Artist. The main Venusian Arts website has a lot of detail and background about their books, seminars and DVDs outlining … Continue reading

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