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Speed Seduction Review

Speed Seduction Review

Hi and welcome to our first dating and seduction program review on Speed Seduction. As you become more confident, mature and seductive, what you’re really looking for is a more efficient way to extract what info is valuable from each program and put it into action.

That is part of what we will accomplish with these program reviews. Remember, it’s always best to visit the Free E-book and newsletter section on the main page to get your own personalized modern seducer program.

Our first review will be for Ross Jeffries’ program Speed Seduction which is considered by many to be the founder of the seduction community.

By the way if you have not read Neil Strauss’ book “The Game” we strongly recommend you buy a copy to get a more thorough background on the seduction community.

Speed Seduction is based on a technique known as NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming which involves capturing and leading a woman’s imagination, having her experience good feelings and emotions and then linking them to you all in a very powerful way.

Unlike other techniques, this method relies on triggering very powerful emotions inside of her bypassing her normal resistance to being seduced.

Now before you more experienced seducers say “but I am doing that to some extent already with x or y method” keep in mind that even for a veteran seducer, Speed Seduction is critical. When done correctly it will ensure that a woman you’re seeing sticks around by deepening the connection between you in a way no other method can.

A motto I often use is: It’s NOT about getting inside of her pants; rather inside of her head in such a way that you capture and lead her imagination to your benefit. Too many so-called dating experts and coaches forget about this part of the dating and seduction process.

Speed Seduction is the only course in the dating community that focuses on NLP and to some extent hypnosis but in a manner that seems very conversational. The goal is to talk to women in a manner that elicits positive states from them including lust, fascination, desire and intrigue.


It works on seducing her mind and engaging a woman’s consciousness in a way that she has rarely if ever experienced before. No, you cannot just walk up to her and start talking that way. A successful seduction does rely on some level of being funny, a bit cocky and using banter.  The themes by which you will interweave seductive language are always introduced in natural way.

However without eliciting the more “hypnotic” states of a woman’s mind, even one you end up dating, will not be as deeply devoted to you as is possible with the proper use of Speed Seduction.

Another basic premise is the use not only of NLP but of hypnotic techniques like anchoring. Anchoring is a way to utilize a woman’s own sounds, body gestures and objects in the environment to your advantage. The idea is to link pleasurable states she feels to an inanimate object like a salt shaker and then fire them off at any time.

Also her own sounds and gestures can be used as a powerful anchor. So for example if you know she takes a deep sigh when she thinks about a nice vacation experience, you can later in the evening mimic that deep sigh and she will go back into that state of mind. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

That is extremely useful when let’s say, later on in the evening you want her to return to feeling something pleasurable or when it’s time to drive her back to your place and she is feeling nervous.

What’s so intriguing about this is that Speed Seduction uses every day conversations to elicit these sensations in her.  Money, good looks and even social status to some degree are not really needed.


Now I realize all this may sound very far-fetched.  Most people are very skeptical.  Yet if you look at these ideas with an open mind you may come away realizing that these are the most powerful techniques in the seduction community.

Yes it will take time, persistence and patience. Like with anything worthwhile, success rarely happens overnight.

The challenge for most people is that the material and techniques are so different from their every day normal conversation, it may be tough to absorb it at first.

If you want evidence that this works, Speed Seduction and Ross Jeffries has been mentioned extensively in the book The Game.  Ross is considered a mentor to the famous seducer Neil Strauss and at one time to David DeAngelo who went on to start his own company called Double your Dating which we will review in another article.

Ross has been criticized by many of his competitors for several reasons I won’t get into here. What’s important to us at Modern Seducer is that we learn to extract the useful bits of information from each program and use them to our advantage.



It’s important here to not focus so much on where you will use a technique but how to incorporate it naturally; so no matter the situation you can use it effectively.


I should point out that Speed Seduction at first can seem a bit tricky and even overwhelming.  But keep in mind, the more challenging something is to comprehend at first, the more valuable it is.

People who want to just learn what feels and seems natural are often missing out on much higher levels of success and dating pleasure.

I strongly recommend you check out his site and consider not only downloading his free resources but signing up for one of his three day seminars which are usually very affordable. By the way we have posted a you tube video that explains one of the most important concepts in Speed Seduction. NOTE: The video contains highly explicit language which is not suitable for public viewing.

Later on we will publish more advanced notes and if you do sign up for the Free newsletter and e-book, I can customize a program that will tell you when and how to best use the materials for yourself.

As always, we appreciate your comments and feedback. Until next time happy seducing.

Speed Seduction Review from Modern Seducer


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